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Poudre Pour™ & Events

With many threats facing the Cache la Poudre River National Heritage Area (CALA), it is more important than ever to bring community together to discuss water issues, to encourage water education, and to protect the quality of our most important resource: water.

The Poudre Heritage Alliance hosts the annual Poudre Pour, an educational celebration of the Poudre River, with many smaller events throughout the year!

The Poudre Pour is a family-friendly event featuring: craft brew tastings, coffees and natural sodas, farm fresh ale-inspired appetizers, history and heritage activities, an art exhibit and auction, live music, educational speakers and more.

Leading up to the Poudre Pour, PHA and local craft brewers host a series of Pub Talks during which experts share insights about all things “water.” Topics at our Pub Talks might include: from “grain to glass,” the significance of the state’s water history and water law, how wildfires and floods have impacted the river’s watershed, or watershed science and stream ecology.

Upcoming Events!

Featured Events


Pub Talks


Poudre Pour


Emeritus Dinner


•Raise awareness about water issues and inspire Poudre River stewardship through a variety of events


• Raise awareness about CALA and the Poudre River
• Develop and strengthen collaborations that support and sustain healthy watersheds
• Promote new ideas and best practices that broaden perspectives
• Expand the Poudre Heritage Alliance network

Annual Events

  • Poudre Pour
  • Poudre Pub Talks
  • Emeritus Dinner
  • Poudre River Forum
  • Poudre RiverFest

The Campaign for Cache

The Poudre Heritage Alliance (PHA) raises awareness about water issues and connects people to their water heritage in the Cache la Poudre River National Heritage Area (CALA) through a variety of programs that promote, engage, and inspire!