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Play It Safe on the Poudre

The Cache la Poudre River offers abundant opportunities for a broad spectrum of river users. Yet, most people don’t understand the power of moving water that can exert great amounts of pressure. And, exposure to cold water from melting snow packs can quickly lead to hypothermia that lowers the body’s core temperature and can be lethal.

The increasing population and visitation to Northern Colorado has sparked a rise in river users, and a corresponding rise in river-related assists, rescues and fatalities. The swift-water rescue teams within the Poudre Fire Authority and Larimer County have their work cut out for them and our Play It Safe on the Poudre Program is designed to support their efforts in keeping river users safe and secure.

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Heritage Trails

The Poudre River has been counted on for moments of great drama, and for attracting its share of characters. The rive has many stories to share, and through our Heritage Trails Program, we will elevate those stories in a cohesive manner throughout the river corridor.

Through the Heritage Trails Program we will create cohesive branding, storytelling and visitor wayfinding throughout the river corridor. Interpretive signs and viewing areas next to the river will enable visitors to understand more clearly the messages of history, the environment, or a nearly forgotten culture. Also, the Heritage Trails Program will incorporate gateways that will connect the Cache la Poudre River National Heritage Area to adjacent town sites, historic structures, natural areas, recreational opportunities, and more.

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On the Trail to Health, Heritage & Happiness

On the Trail to Health, Heritage & Happiness provides options for young and old to learn about local history and heritage while getting outdoors and exercising on a year-round basis. We have created twelve “Wellness Routes” along the 45-mile Poudre River Trail and will continue to create more. These pre-established activity routes facilitate good health, connections to history and heritage, and a sense of well-being.

The program includes both an Employee Wellness Program and a School Field Trip Program.

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Great Western Sugar Flume - Photo by Gabriele Woolever

Pedaling the Poudre

Pass through in a car and you’ll only scratch the surface of what the Cache la Poudre River National Heritage Area has to offer. From giant cottonwoods, soaring eagles and hawks, sparkling lakes and rivers, to learning about the history of water use in Colorado, our biking adventures are always original and engaging rides that explore fascinating landmarks and landscapes.

The rides in Larimer and Weld Counties are comfortable for a wide range of cyclists. One example is a 15-mile “water history ride” that follows the floodplain of the Cache la Poudre River through a mix of fields, cottonwood trees, lakes, and the river itself. This is a great ride for 5-10 people who might have wondered how water gets from the mountains to the kitchen faucet, or how water laws were formed.

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