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Northern Colorado is a mecca for rock climbers, with a variety of climbing routes and bouldering areas to suit all levels of experience. The sport of bouldering has deep roots in the area, with some of the first known bouldering problems established around Horsetooth Reservoir in the 1970s. Today, climbers from around the world come to test their skills on the iconic granite formations that dot the landscape.

If you are looking to explore the Cache la Poudre River National Heritage Area through climbing, here is where we think you should start.

Horsetooth Reservoir

Within the Cache la Poudre River National Heritage Area, Horsetooth Reservoir is a well-renowned bouldering destination located just west of Fort Collins, Colorado. With hundreds of established boulder problems ranging from V0 to V12, climbers of all skill levels will find something to enjoy. The area’s rich climbing history dates back to the 1960s, and today, it remains a favorite spot for climbers from all over the country. The stunning views of the Rocky Mountains and the reservoir itself only add to the allure of this premier bouldering destination. To learn more check out:

Poudre Canyon

Journey past the mouth of the Poudre Canyon, and you will be greeted by picturesque granite walls. With over 1000 established routes along the Poudre River and more being put up every year, the Poudre Canyon is a treasure trove of climbing possibilities. Within a 15-minute drive from Fort Collins, you will find Low Hanging Fruit and Picnic Rock, two crags offering great sport and trad routes ranging from 5.8 to 5.12. These are merely a taster for the wealth of routes to be climbed further upstream. To learn more visit:

Lory State Park

Lory State Park, located just outside Fort Collins, Colorado, offers a unique and challenging climbing experience. The park boasts several climbing areas with a range of difficulty levels suitable for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. The most popular climbing area in Lory State Park is Arthur’s Rock, a towering granite formation that offers a variety of routes for climbers to explore. With over 100 established routes and new ones being added regularly, Arthur’s Rock has become a favorite destination for climbers in the area. The park also provides ample opportunities for bouldering, with several areas dedicated to this type of climbing. Climbers can enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape while challenging themselves on the park’s rock formations. To learn more, visit:

Our Favorite Resources to get you outside and into the Heritage Area

With such deep roots in the world of climbing, there is no shortage of resources for folks looking to experience the National Heritage Area through Climbing.

Indoor Climbing

Bad weather got you down? Want to practice your skills before getting onto real rock? Northern Colorado has some of the most premier indoor climbing facilities in the United States. Here are some places you can climb and learn.