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Whether you are a local looking for a lunch break walk, or an out of towner searching for a full day’s worth of adventure, there is an abundance of options for you.

Here are some of our favorites.

Gateway Natural Area

Hidden in plain sight, the rustic park, situated at the confluence of the North Fork and the Cache la Poudre River is not to be missed.

This fly-fishing destination is also home to a network of scenic trails, river put-ins, and the site of the city’s historic water filtration plant. Plan an afternoon the whole family can enjoy by utilizing the grills, picnic tables, and the natural playground all along the river’s edge.

Poudre River Trail

If you are looking to step away from town without going too far, we recommend the Poudre River Trail.

Existing in two parts, The Poudre River Trail runs almost the full length of the National Heritage Area. Along the riverbank, this paved trail is as close to the water as you can go without getting your feet wet.

Hiking Resources

There is so much more to explore. With the foothills just a frisbee’s throw away from town, it will take you years to walk all the wonderful trails of our region.

We recommend you start here:

Remember to recreate responsibly and minimize your impact on the environment by following Leave No Trace principles during your outdoor adventures.