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The Water Center at Colorado State University

The Water Center at Colorado State University (CSU) in Fort Collins is a focal point to coordinate, leverage and enhance water-related research, teaching, and outreach at Colorado State University. Colorado State University provides one of the most water ‘rich’ research and educational settings available anywhere in the world. 

The Water Center at Colorado State University

Colorado State University Water Resource Archive

The Colorado State University Water Resources Archive is a joint effort of the University Libraries and the Colorado Water Institute. Formally begun in 2001, the Archive consists of collections from individuals and organizations that have been instrumental in the development of water resources in Colorado and the West.

Colorado State University Water Resource Archive

Northern Water

In May 1937, the Colorado Legislature passed the Water Conservancy Act, laying the groundwork to create the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District the same year.  Northern Water, as it is known today, share’s it’s ground breaking history and water leadership in a historical timeline.


People of the Poudre: An Ethnohistory of the Cache la Poudre River National Heritage Area, AD 1500-1880.

Burris, Lucy. 2006. [Published through a cooperative agreement between the National Park Service, Friends of the Poudre, and the Cache la Poudre River National Heritage Area]

Written in water: the life of Benjamin Harrison Eaton

Norris, Jane E. and Lee G. 1990.  Ohio University Press, Athens.  [Describes the era of initial irrigation infrastructure development in the Poudre River Valley from the perspective of a land/water developer.] 

Turning on Water with a Shovel: The Career of Elwood Mead.

Kluger, James R. 1992.  University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque. [Describes the era of initial implementation of the Colorado Doctrine from the perspective of a government employee charged with making the system work.] 

Silver Fox of the Rockies: Delphus E. Carpenter and Western Water Compacts.

Tyler, Daniel. 2003. University of Oklahoma Press, Norman. [Describes the era of dividing the waters of the Western rivers among the States and the legal mechanisms and processes used to achieve agreement via Compacts.] 

Cowboy in the Boardroom: W.D. Farr’s Bold Ideas and Leadership in the American West.

Tyler, Daniel. 2011. University of Oklahoma Press, Norman.  [Describes the initiation of the CBT Project’s administration of a ‘supplemental’ BOR project in Northern Colorado.]

Measuring Expertise: Ralph Parshall and Watershed Management, 1920-1940, in The Greater Plains: Rethinking a Region’s Environmental Histories

Weeks, Michael. 2021, Kathleen Brosnan and Brian Frehner, eds. (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press.)