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As an individual, complete one of the following self-guided explorations (Outreach Visit or Wayside Walk) of the Cache la Poudre River National Heritage Area.  The time spent on this self-guided learning is required for initial certification as a Heritage Culturalist Volunteer and does not count towards the 40 hours in 2 years volunteer requirement


The locations below either a Point Of Interest and or partnering organization of the Poudre Heritage Alliance (PHA) and Cache la Poudre River National Heritage Area (CALA).** These sites are sources of learning and discovery for area school children and the public as well as sources of information for tourists. As one of our methods of outreach, we want the CALA to have a presence in each of these locations.


  1. Choose one of the locations below to visit.
  2. Review the questions on the Outreach Visit Summary form
  3. Take photos and notes of things you find interesting AND where you see the PHA/CALA represented.
  4. Take note of the places where you could see a natural fit for CALA/more representation could be found. What suggestions do you have to improve visibility?
  5. Ask a staff member/volunteer/ or representative available, “What can you tell me about the Cache la Poudre River National Heritage Area?” and note their response 
  6. Complete and submit the Outreach Visit Summary form HERE using your notes and photos
    1. OR submit answers and photos via email to
    2. Don’t forget to hit the “submit” button at the bottom of the form.  The website will display a message letting you know your submission has been received if you have successfully completed your submission.

**The Poudre Heritage Alliance is not responsible for covering costs associated with travel costs to sites and/or location visits. If you need to make other arrangements for an outreach visit, please contact to discuss an option that would work best for you. 

Browse Outreach Visit Sites by Location

Weld County

Greeley History Museum

  • 714 8th St, Greeley, CO 80631
  • Hours: Wed-Sat: 10 am – 4 pm, Sun: noon – 4pm
  • Phone: (970) 350-9220

Greeley Chamber of Commerce / Visit Greeley:

  • 902 7th Ave, Greeley, CO 80631
  • Hours: Mon-Fri: 8 am – 4 pm
  • Phone: 970-352-3566


Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!