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October 2020

New Program: Study Outdoors, Learn Outdoors (SOLO) Field Trips

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The PHA’s new “Study Outdoors, Learn Outdoors” (SOLO) field trips provide students with the opportunity for a self-guided learning adventure within the Cache la Poudre River National Heritage Area. Local educators have developed active, engaging curriculum routes in Greeley and Fort Collins, providing students with a safe, educational experience by biking or walking routes on the Poudre Trail while answering place-based learning questions related to the Poudre River. Plus, the route curriculums align with Colorado academic standards. Current routes include:

We believe that the Cache la Poudre River is an engaging and inspirational learning environment. Together, we can continue to build our next generation of river stewards, even during a pandemic!

Calling all educators! Interested in learning more about SOLO field trips for your classes? Follow the link below or email Linden at

Lifting Voices from the Shadows on Indigenous Peoples Day

By News, Video

Happy Indigenous Peoples Day! Join us today, and every day, in honoring the Native American tribes that occupied the lower Cache la Poudre valley in northern Colorado for thousands of years before Euroamerican settlers arrived in the area. These tribes included the Kiowa, Comanche, Cheyenne, Pawnee, Ute, and Arapaho tribes. At the National Heritage Area, we seek to preserve and share the many different cultures that make the Cache la Poudre River valley so unique. Part of this work involves preserving historic knowledge, oral traditions, and language and honoring the ancestral connections these groups have to the land.

The “Lifting Voices from the Shadows” project is one such opportunity to preserve and share Native American history. In particular, an opportunity for Northern Arapaho women, like Florita Soldier Wolf featured in this video, to tell about their personal experiences with voting, both past and present. The project is funded by a “Women in Parks Innovation and Impact” grant from the National Park Foundation.

“I think it was a good thing that we voted ‘cuz we were counted too in our voting. So, that’s what I know about voting.” – Florita Soldier Wolf, Northern Arapaho

Learn more about the Poudre Heritage Alliance and the “Lifting Voices from the Shadows” project at: