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Our PROMOTE programs introduce people to the river and their heritage area

Learning in our Watershed

Are student field trips a thing of the past? With skyrocketing bus costs and the expectation that educators pack as much as standards-related content into the school day as possible, many schools are viewing field trips as an unattainable luxury. However, nothing replaces the social and educational perspectives gained through firsthand experience.

So, the Poudre Heritage Alliance provides field trips for K-12 students to the Cache la Poudre River National Heriatge Area. Our mission is simple – to engage youth in place-based learning experiences that inspire critical thinking and an understanding of the Poudre River and water heritage, thus ensuring a next generation of river stewards.

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Heritage Culturalist Volunteer Program

What makes a sense of place – and how do you empower everybody in a community to feel proud of, and contribute to where they live, work,  and play?

By helping people understand, value and share their collective heritage.

Heritage is the story that puts history into some kind of narrative. Heritage from the past helps us collectively or individually to understand the present and create a better future.  And, volunteers of all ages and backgrounds who participate in our Heritage Culturalist Program help people understand and engage with the rich history and recreation opportunities of the Cache la Poudre River National Heritage Area.

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Poudre Pour & Pub Talks

The Cache la Poudre River flows through Colorado’s history, linking its people, history and arteries of commerce. And, the stakes for the Poudre River’s health are high. It is under threat from increasing demands on water, shrinking federal appropriations, a lack of awareness about water management, unpredicatble droughts, fires and floods, rising human health and safety concerns, and a generation more connected to their technology than to the natural world.

It is toward this end – raising awarenes about the threats facing the Cache la Poudre River National Heriatge Area – that we have teamed with BreWater to highlight these types of water issues through a series of pulic eventss – the Poudre Pour & Pub Talks. Because what do craft brewers need? Good water from the Poudre River!

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Poudre River Forum

Some people value the Poudre River mainly as a working river – for agricultural, municipal and industrial needs. Others value its rich recreational opportunities and ecological attributes. Yet, everyone wants a river that meets human needs AND is a healthy river in its own right.

Each year, the Poudre River Forum gathers a diverse group of some 300 stakeholders on the topic of the Poudre River to explore the continuing challenges and opportunities for collaboration.

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